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#DailyGuidance for Friday, 20th Sep, 2019

#DearSoul don’t go looking for any great displays of affection today. The Pope and the High Priestess are a pretty strict couple all round and they aren’t about to let you give in to fantasy!

You’re more likely to find true friendship, moral support and sensible advice. It’s a good day to go visit with someone in the family, or a friend who’ll know how to support you in your quest for love.  At work, you may encounter a certain opposition to your ideas, or find that a rival is competing against you in a disloyal way.

The pairing of the Tower with the Pope indicates that you should keep your cool and not fall into the traps that people may be laying for you. Don’t hesitate to ask a more experienced colleague for advice, and you’ll easily overcome any obstacles. #AmazingTarot #DailyGuidance #Angels #DevBorah #Tarot#TarotReading #DearSoul

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