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#DailyGuidance for Thursday, 26th Sep, 2019

The Council are the luminous beings who hold the collective wisdom of humanity. They are the ones before whom you will do your life review when you cross into the world of Spirit. (A life review is when we place our good and our bad deeds on a divine scale and attempt to explain why we did not love, or forgive, or dare as greatly as we might have.) Know that their wisdom is available to you at all times when you live in a state of yes, in an unconditional relationship with life. They remind you of your place around a sacred fire, which has been reserved for you since the beginning of time. You will claim it when you own your inner wisdom.

The Council has a message for you: “Listen with your inner senses!” The handwriting is already on the wall, so look about you and you will discern its meaning. Do not wait for further signs; embark on the journey to love deeply, forgive sincerely, and dare greatly. Take the leap without requiring life to assure you of success.

You are never alone. Turn to the Council to find the guidance you seek, and listen to the voice that arises spontaneously. Turn a deaf ear to that nagging voice from your ego that tells you that you are not up for the task before you. Create a spiritual feast for the Council; invite them to your altar every time you meditate or pray. #AmazingTarot #Angels #DevBorah #Tarot #TarotReading #DearSoul

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